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Within its unique setting, The Haven aims to provide education for life, supported by specialist and reflective staff who are responsive to the needs of each individual student.


WE VALUE WE AIM TO                 

Recognise the heterogeneity of autism and to consider everything we do from the perspective of each individual person with autism.

UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT We aim to provide an alternative school environment in a peaceful setting, distinct from traditional educational establishments.
WELL-BEING Create a nurturing environment where students and staff are enabled to be physically and emotionally healthy, equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to develop resilience and enjoy a good quality of life, including a positive work life balance.
PERSONALISED LEARNING Offer a meaningful and purposeful curriculum that takes into account individual interests, motivations and strengths thus enabling each student to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to become successful adults with autism.
EXCELLENCE Work effectively within the wider organisation in order to provide an outstanding service based on current research and best practice, delivered by a highly skilled staff team who are reflective practitioners, committed to ongoing professional development.
FLEXIBILITY Think creatively and flexibly in order to be responsive to local need, nature of referrals and the changing needs of students.
COMMUNICATION Make sure systems are in place to ensure everyone has a voice and their opinions and contributions are valued.
EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY Treat everyone with dignity, promoting tolerance and respect for individual differences, abilities, needs and beliefs.
PARTNERSHIP Foster positive working relationships with parents, carers and multi-agency professionals and create positive links with the local community.
ACCOUNTABILITY Secure accountability of all through rigorous monitoring, planning and evaluation to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.