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We seek to ensure that all admissions to and departures from The Haven occur in a planned and sensitive manner.

Introduction to the school is planned individually, taking into account the needs and wishes of the pupil, their family and the placing Authority.


Criteria for Admission


  • A diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition or a professional recognition of autistic tendencies.


  • Age between 11 and 19 years.


  • The admissions panel should feel there is potential to progress.


  • The admissions panel should judge that the young person can be accommodated within the mix of young people already at The Haven.


  • Funding should be confirmed from the relevant Local Authority.


Admission Procedure


  • Application for the placement at The Haven is generally made through the Local Authority of the area in which a young person lives.


  • Informal enquiries are mainly made by parents, who request to visit The Haven.

    Visits are by appointment and offer parents the opportunity to look around the school and for informal               discussion with the Headteacher.


  • If Local Authority is in agreement, a visit may then be made to see the young person in their current educational provision, or at home and an observational assessment is made according to the school's admission criteria.


  • Following informal assessment, account will be taken of the following:

    ~The developmental level and the degree of learning difficulty  of the young person.

    ~The pervasive nature of the young person's autism and it's effect on the young person's behaviour.

    ~Whether the curriculum at The Haven will fully meet the needs of the young person.


  • If all parties are in agreement that they wish consideration for admission to proceed, a full case history, copy of statement and accompanying reports, including full documentation from previous educational placements and the latest review report are sought.


  • It will also be necessary for the Local Authority to provide a recent (within the previous six months) Educational Psychology assessment report on the young person.


  • The Local Authority then seek agreement for placement funding from their relevant funding panel.


  • Once agreement on the placement has been reached the LA funding has been confirmed, the young person will have the opportunity to visit The Haven before admission, to meet the other pupils and the staff and ask any questions, (several visits may then be arranged, as part of a Transition Plan for the young person).


  • If placement is then offered, the offer is confirmed in writing.


  • All admissions are subject to a six mouth assessment period, following which an initial review is held.


Support Team


The Haven has access to the following support team members, employed by Autism Initiatives:


  • Speech and Language Therapist.


  • Occupational Therapist.


  • School Counsellor.


  • Positive Behaviour Support trainers and specialists. 


We also have access to a local Independent Educational Psychologist, who can offer advice and assessments, where appropriate and necessary.

Some of the pupils and their families access support from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Independent advocates are also available to young people, from NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Services)



If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.