The Haven School

Visions and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Attitudes and values

We promote a culture which considers each pupil individually, applying an understanding of autism to the interpretation of their strengths and needs; this understanding informs the individual programmes, assessment and Annual Reviews.

We endorse the attitudes and values (encapsulated in the European charter for persons with Autism) that our pupils should be treated with dignity, respect and positive regard.

We acknowledge the need to accommodate the differences associated with the autism of our pupils whilst striving to assist them in developing strategies to participate in society in a way that is right for each person.

Priorities for learning are always influenced by a consideration of the relevant and functional skills needed by each individual to enjoy the nest quality of life, within the context of their autism and age.



The curriculum is constantly developing, reflecting the wide-ranging cognitive, social, cultural, spiritual, moral, physical and sensory needs of our pupils.

It aims to be broad, balanced and relevant, allowing differentiation, progression and consistency.

We aim to offer an inclusive curriculum which ensures equality of opportunity, enabling access to all aspects of the curriculum, irrespective of gender, race, disadvantage or disability.

We adapt appropriate autism specific teaching methods to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

The foundation of our teaching remains sensitive, positive and flexible, maintaining high expectation within a calm, structured environment.


The curriculum is the vehicle through which communication, social understanding, flexibility of thought and sensory differences can be supported and developed.

We aim to provide a relevant and meaning curriculum which equips our pupils to leave us as successful adults with autism.


At Key stage 3 and 4, we follow the national curriculum guidelines and pupils follow core curriculum if English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, Art and Design, PE, Cookery and Music.

Communication, personal Social and Health Education (PHSE), Citizenship, ICT and Religious and Moral Education aspects are taught throughout the curriculum.

A topic based approach ensures learning can be generalised and independence maximised and also covers History and Geography.

Creativity and enrichment activities play a large part in motivating the pupils and ensuring that learning is fun.

The curriculum also focuses on the Independent Living Skills (ILS) and we also offer Gardening/Ground Maintenance and Vehicle Maintenance.

In addition, we have weekly Community Access session, where pupils can access Shops, Cafes, Leisure Centres, Libraries, etc., in their local community and also visit new places and activities e.g. Adventure Golf, Chester Zoo, Trampoline Centres, etc.

During these Community Access trips, pupils learn valuable social skills, develop problem solving skills and increase their independence.


From year 11 upwards, pupils are supported on Work Experience programmes, appropriate to their needs and level of independence.

Since September 2014, we have successfully supported pupils on the following Work Experience programmes: Tree Surgery, Landscape Gardening, 4 x 4 Garage, Construction Work and at a Local Day Nursery.

The 16 - 19 curriculum focuses on the skills needed for life after The Haven.

Our person-centres approach enables students to follow an individually tailored curriculum that is based upon becoming a successful adult with autism.


Pupils are taught on either a staffing ration of 1:2 or 1:1, dependent upon their individual needs.


Students essential skills wales levels.


Level 1 English and Maths ESW.

Level 2 English and Maths ESW.

Level 2 Maths ESW.




We recognise that what separates our organisation from others is the quality and expertise of our staff and how the are focused.

To this end, we see staff as our most valuable resource and, therefore, have a commitment to staff development, providing opportunities and training to enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding.

given the potentially stressful nature of our work, involving continuous decision making and evaluation, we seek to create an atmosphere if trust, mutual respect and mutual support.

we encourage staff to be reflective practitioners.


Business Practice

The school encourages sound business practice.

This incorporates financial stability and accountability, regular audit of resources, staff involvement, forward planning and evaluation.

We recognise the need to meet statutory requirements and to keep abreast of legislation.

Our autism practice is informed by the latest autism research, ensuring we provide the best specialist teaching and support.

Through the process of continual development we aim to maintain the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of The Haven.

The school received one complaint in the previous academic year.



  • To ensure our practice is informed by an understanding of autistic spectrum condition, which may be interpreted as communication, social, flexible thinking and sensory differences.


  • To develop communicative and functional skills of the pupils so that they may understand and influence the environment around them.

    To provide a planned positive environment in which each pupil can be considered individually.


  • To provide a safe secure environment, which can accommodate and encourage pupil independence and reduce support needs over time.


  • To create a stimulating school environment where pupils feel valued and safe.


  • To promote and enhance the spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive, social, physical, emotional and sensory development of all pupils.


  • To maximise each individual's education potential.


  • To acknowledge each pupil as a person, with a focus on the preferences and strengths.


  • To acknowledge each person's autism, the unique impact of this and the personalised strategies required.


  • To focus on outcomes in preparation for adulthood - to prepare each pupil to be a successful adult with autism.


  • To promote a positive and friendly atmosphere, offering an 'open door'.


  • To work in partnership with parents, carers, professionals and each other.


  • To offer an inclusive curriculum which ensures equality of opportunity enabling access to all aspects of the curriculum irrespective of gender, race, disadvantage or disability.


  • To encourage integration within the wider community.


  • To develop skills for employment.


  • To provide appropriate learning pathways.


  • To use creative and therapeutic approaches to develop motivation and engagement.


  • To employ a proactive approach to behaviour, which will enable young people to recognise and take ownership of strategies to monitor and control their own behaviour.


  • To ensure efficiency by operating sound business practices.


  • To continually improve and develop the quality of our service through self-evaluation, ongoing review and continuous improvement.


Careers Education and Guidance


At The Haven, we support our pupils to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them make the best use of their capabilities in learning and work throughout life.

Careers Education and Guidance will:


  • Increase their self-awareness and identify their personal development needs (self-development).


  • Help pupils to become aware of career opportunities (Career exploration).


  • Develop skills in career planning that help pupils make choices (Career Management).


We work closely with specialist Careers Wales Advisers, who work with pupils and staff to draw up individual Learning and Skills Plans for pupils moving on to FE placements, after they leave The Haven and who assist the pupils who move on to employment opportunities.




The Haven is committed to promoting the Welsh language and culture as an integrated part of school life.

The majority of our pupils come from homes where English is the first language; however, as a school in wales, we promote an ethos where Welsh culture and heritage is supported and celebrated.


Positive Behaviour Support


At The Haven School we focus on what a pupil can achieve.

We accept the differences associated with autism spectrum condition (ASC) and provide a unique and personalised approach to behaviour support.


By the nature of their autism, many of our pupils present with challenging behaviour that affects their engagement in many aspects of their lives.

these behaviours can also have a significant impact on others.


Our Behaviour policy clearly outlines our approach.

Positive support of behaviour is embedded in all we do, through the following systems:

  • Classrooms are structured to give each pupil a personalised approach to behaviour and learning.


  • All areas of the pupils behaviour linked to their autism are su